BLUE BAMBOO 8 inch Gel-Bamboo Infused Gel Memory Foam Triple Layered Mattress


Blue Bamboo 8in Mattress Our 8in Blue Bamboo-Gel Memory Foam Mattress combines the most productive technologies and materials at an implausible value. Plus, it is Panda approved for an eco-friendly comfy cozy night’s sleep. Includes a machine washable Bamboo Infused zippered cover. This fabric is stunningly soft, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly yet extremely durable. Except for being Panda’s favorite food, we chose to add bamboo because it makes our fabric one of the eco-friendly and softest on this planet! 3 LAYERS OF COMFORT! 1in Blue Bamboo Infused Memory Foam. The top layer is Pandas own Blue Bamboo Infused Memory Foam with an extra open cell structure for maximum ventilation. The infused Bamboo is a natural antibacterial and helps to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 1in Vented Blue Gel. The middle layer Pandas own brand of ventilated Blue Gel Memory Foam with superior open cell structure for extreme cooling reduced motion transfer, balanced improve, pressure relief and better spine alignment especially helpful for those with back pains and side sleepers for panda perfect comfort. 6in Super Resilient Base Foam. The bottom layer contours the body whilst adding improve and comfort by distributing pressure across the mattress surface. PANDA APPROVED! Panda Approved to certify the most productive standards for safety, durability, eco-friendly and comfort. Our best in class Memory Foam is all Certi-Pur certified, which requires rigorous to meet this safety standard, and we meet the OEKO TEX Standard 100, a global testing system for textile materials through all stages of production. Panda insists that his products be eco-friendly. Blue Bamboo Mattresses features naturally renewing resources, minimizing environmental impacts whilst maximizing quality, comfort and value. Machine washable Bamboo Infused zippered cover that may be eco-friendly, stunningly soft yet extremely durable hypoallergenic fabric. 10 Year Limited Warranty


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