Queen Size Free Flow Waterbed Mattress with Fill Kit and conditioner


Free Float Mattress is super comfortable. If your queen size free Float mattress must be replaced then buy the most productive right here on Amazon. This Free Float mattress is manufactured By United States Water Mattress Queen 60″w x 84″l x 9″ w/ Fill Kit and 4 oz Premium Conditioner This free Float mattress is designed with your comfort in mind. Mattress is a full wave with numerous movement just like the original waterbed mattresses. Nice heavy 100% virgin vinyl with reinforced corners. Made for queen size Hard-side Wood Frame Waterbeds L Corner construction. Seam on the bottom of the mattress is recessed 2 inches for less stress Trimilate Dura bottom for better heat transfer. Lifetime prorated Warranty Made in the united statesA. United States Water Mattress has been manufacturing quality waterbeds for over 4 decades. Fill Kit includes all of the adapters to help fill your mattress with 4oz bottle of premium conditioner. Buy with confidence. We have been selling this exact mattress in the neighborhood for a few years with more than happy customers. Thank-you for having a look at our products on Mattress Covers Amazon Store


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